A Simple Goal..


Our mission is to run the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail for charity and to break the fastest known Supported time (FKT).

Currently, the self supported record is 7 days and 22 hours for the 453 mile section of the trail is held by Brian Donnelly.


Thanks everyone for your support and following along!!  We encountered many challenges along the way from logistics to just flat out exhaustion that made going under Brian Donnelly's amazing time impossible.  Travis was forced to drop with an injury but Scott and Yassine were able to cross the state in 8 Days 12 hours and 5 minutes giving them the Supported FKT for the Oregon section of the PCT.

Below is the trailer for the movie our good friends and filmmakers Steven and Bryson made while following us along our attempt. 


From Here

We'll start on the PCT trail located on the border of California and Oregon

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courtesy of Wikipedia

courtesy of Wikipedia

TO Here

and plan to finish at the Bridge of the Gods located on the Oregon and Washington border.

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All Images courtesy of Brian Donnelly unless stated otherwise